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About Us

Welcome to Bright Ideas!

Bright Ideas is a consumer research facility in Dubai, UAE. An extension of our sister branches in Trumbull, USA and Dusseldorf, Germany. We do consumer research to know more about your opinions, feelings and experiences of some products in the market. We take this information as feedback to the companies that produce these products so they can renovate and improve them. All to make sure that these products are more suitable for you and your home.

Participants can get rewards by offering their opinions and insight, which provides manufacturers with vital information used to develop and improve quality of products you see in stores. Take a tour of our office in our photo gallery!

Why Participate?

Your participation in studies can truly help make a difference in the products you want, need, and use every day! Since we cannot interview everyone, you represent thousands of people like yourself that have similar opinions and preferences.

Project Examples:

  • Try a product at home
  • Participate in one on one interviews
  • Participate in group discussions/focus groups
  • Try a product in our facility
  • Participate in a fragrance test
  • Participate in online opinion surveys